Some parents have ‘no worries’ about daycare center after a child in its care is found walking along street

Toddler found after wandering away from Bladen County daycare

ELIZABETHTOWN, NC (WECT) - A 2-year-old boy was found on the side of an Elizabethtown road after wandering away from his daycare Friday morning.

Now, the state is investigating the incident but that apparently hasn’t shaken some parents’ confidence in the Childcare Network location on Mercer Mill Road in Elizabethtown.

Parents have said they still have faith in the daycare and claim the process since the child walked away has been completely transparent.

Because of this, they are not worried about the safety of their children.

“Everybody was aware of the issue that happened, but once again, when you know about the kind of daycare you affiliate yourself with, you don’t worry about those type of things," said one parent who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “I trust them with my kids every day. I bring them in the morning when it’s time for my kids to go to school and I have no worries. And if anything goes on, they reassure us. They’re good people.”

On Friday, Willie Goodman said he was driving along Mercer Mill Road when he spotted the toddler walking on the shoulder of the street. Goodman said he stopped and chased the child down, then returned him to the Childcare Network.

“(The child) started running and heading towards the street," Goodman said. "These vehicles are coming through here like they are now. What if the child had ran into one of the vehicles? I wasn’t going to stand there and not do anything. I took the initiative to slam on my brakes. If I had to throw my body in front of a vehicle to save my child, I would have.”

During the drop off, Goodman said an employee acknowledged the child was supposed to be at the daycare.

Goodman then alerted the Elizabethtown Police Department.

An investigation has been opened concerning the incident.

The Division of Child Development and Early Education will make an unannounced visit to the daycare in the coming weeks. After that, a public report will be filed on any violations and when action must be taken to correct said violations.

A manager at Childcare Network refused to comment.

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