District Attorney holds press conference to address cash bailout concerns

District Attorney discusses bail bond system

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - District Attorney Ben David held a press conference early Friday morning to talk about the current cash bailout system.

The press conference was held in light of the recent Black Mama Bailout national initiative to get black mothers out of jail for Mother’s Day.

David spoke about changes that need to be made within the bailout system, but argued it should not be changed for everybody. Criminals who are in jail for petty crime and can not afford it are the main people affected by the current system, and to change this, his office already has methods in place.

"All of us on this group are united under the belief that poverty is not a crime and nobody should languish in our jail because of their inability to afford to make bail on a minor case,” said David.

David agreed that not everybody should be in jail for their crimes but, before a person is bailed out, think about if their crime constitutes them being set free before a trial. This is something that advocacy groups were not considering during their push to free black mothers.

“Show me the individual we’re talking about. Show me their charges. Show me their criminal history,” said David. “Let’s have a sincere conversation about the factors that went into setting those bonds.”

Currently there are over 300 people in the New Hanover County jail being held under bond.

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