‘Flintstone house’ owner claims racial discrimination in new lawsuit

'Flintstone house' owner files racial discrimination lawsuit

HILLSBOROUGH, CA (KPIX/CNN) - The fight between a California town and the owner of a so-called “Flintstone house” does not seem to be ending anytime soon.

The home’s owner is suing the town, saying she’s being discriminated against due to her ethnicity.

Unless they are driving up Highway 280, most of her neighbors can’t even see the colorful Flintstone house.

Still, the town of Hillsborough sued the owner, Florence Fang, for not having the proper permits to add dinosaur sculptures in the backyard.

"They have a lawsuit where they say, “Tear down the whole thing, even the retaining wall,'” she said.

Fang fired back with a counter lawsuit, accusing Hillsborough of violating the Fair Housing Act and also race discrimination.

Her lawsuit accuses a Hillsborough building official of telling “at least one individual of Asian origin that you have to speak English when you are in Hillsborough.”

“If that’s his intent ... that you have to speak English to live in Hillsborough, when I depose him, we will see what comes out,” said Angela Alioto, Fang’s attorney.

Alioto insists her client, Fang, is being treated differently because of her Chinese heritage.

“When you are harassed to that degree and then you get served with a lawsuit? I will bet you anything that during this lawsuit we are going to find more disparate treatment than you can even imagine because she’s Chinese,” Alioto said.

“It’s offensive nonsense,” Hillsborough Asst. City Attorney Mark Hudak said last month.

He issued a statement: “The Town of Hillsborough strongly denies that it has a policy of discrimination against Asians or any other ethnic or racial group. Our staff is respectful to all residents.”

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