New Hanover County’s Emergency Action Plan ready for testing

New Hanover County’s Emergency Action Plan ready for testing

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Months after New Hanover County put out a 9-page report detailing how the county handled its response to Hurricane Florence, officials say all problems mentioned in the report have been remedied.

The report, which was conducted by the county’s Office of Strategy and compiled after internal and external focus groups and interviews, addressed problems such as a lack of communication, need for a better evacuation plan, and a lack of resources.

Since the storm, New Hanover County and Wilmington have partnered to combat these issues together.

This includes adding non-profit groups and churches to help get resources to the public faster, while also working on county and region-level infrastructure.

“We were an island, so I think we are trying to get some support to make sure that those major conduits in and out of the county can stay open and we don’t become an island again," said Steven Still, Emergency Management director for New Hanover County. "So, we’re looking at the high-level infrastructure down to the county and regional level for facility strengthening.”

The plan isn’t just for hurricanes, it serves as a plan for all major emergencies such as a tornado or a school shooting.

Plans are in place to test the emergency system. Still says once it is tested then they will find any holes and continue to improve and consistently make improvements on the plan.

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