New Hanover County teachers who could not make it to Raleigh rally at home

New Hanover County teachers who could not make it to Raleigh rally at home
Published: May. 1, 2019 at 2:02 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - New Hanover County teachers who could not make it to the Raleigh rally for education gathered at busy Wilmington intersections to support their cause from home.

A group of about a dozen people, including teachers, school nurses, and students, gathered at the intersection of 3rd and Market streets, holding signs and cheering as passing cars beeped in support.

Another group gathered at the intersection of South College Road and Oleander Drive.

One teacher who stayed back did so for a student. Yvonne Lovvern is a special needs teacher at Ogden Elementary School and spent the day with one of her students.

"I have a student, actually, who is out here with me today who is in a wheelchair and she has a nurse so they had to find nursing for her at home today so I decided to go pick her up, spend the day with her and come bring her out here with a nurse. We’re going to go have lunch afterwards so we brought an assistant and a friend and we just want to support our schools and our teachers and get more funding for our classrooms,” Lovvern said.

Like many, Llovern said her main issues start with legislators not properly funding education in the state.

“The big issues really start in the positions where they are just not passing enough of the bills for the funding for the schools to get money. They’re more focused on testing and showing progress but no resources. So we’ve got to have resources and we’ve got to have safe buildings to teach with these resources and we don’t have them,” she said.

This lack of funding has led Llovern and others to take matters into their own hands if they want additional resources or experiences for their students.

“We have to make everything that we use. We don’t have funding for anything really. We write grants continually, we don’t have funding for filed trips to be out in the community, we have to reach out to churches and organizations for funding which is time consuming,” she said.

A few students also joined the crowd of teachers in Wilmington Wednesday.

"We have some Hoggard students out here. They’re showing pictures of their gym and how much money they put into their gym. But yet they have no textbooks, their technology is really low and they’re worried themselves about what’s going to happen next year when they’re seniors with the lack of support and resources they have in their school,” Llovern said.

For Llovern and others, this is not a one day per year issue. She said teachers at Ogden Elementary wear ‘red of ed’ every Wednesday to continue the momentum.

“This is our future. Our communities are our future and without our strong students and strong schools we’re going to have a very weak future and in the future our communities are going to be weakened and I’m going to be an elderly person by then and I’ll need to be taken care of and it starts now in the schools,” she said.

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