Ashley High School is making new waves with science

Ashley High School is making new waves with science

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Ashley High School’s Marine Science Academy has received a wave simulation flume to help students get a more hands-on learning experience.

“This not only allows us to observe waves in a controlled environment but it also allows us to show how they impact our shoreline, which is really cool,” says lead coordinator for the school’s Marine Science Academy, Lauren Thompson.

The flume has a paddle and a motor which pushes the water to make the waves. The students can control the height and speed of the waves, which are calculated by two sensors.

“Having the school just right down the road from the beach, it’s cool to see it on a smaller scale,” says Ashley senior Ryan Dixon. “It’s cool to see that’s how it works in the classroom and then you walk outside and see it happening.”

The Marine Science Academy partnered with UNCW to provide the high school with resources and opportunities for students. Through this partnership, the university was able to connect with a professor at the University of Delaware, Jack Puleo, who provided the wave simulator to the students.

Puleo created the wave flume to model the behavior of waves and resulting effect on beaches. Focusing on extreme weather events and sea level rise, certain high schools up and down the east coast from Florida to New Jersey — including Ashley and First Flight in Kill Devil Hills — received the flumes.

To find out more about the Marine Science Academy at Ashley High School visit their website:

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