Rep. Rouzer speaks on Mueller Report findings regarding collusion, obstruction

Congressman David Rouzer talks about the Mueller Report, terrorism and saving Social Security

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Even while on a break from the work of the 116th Congress in Washington, DC, Rep. David Rouzer (R-NC7) is talking about issues popping up on Capitol Hill. Rep. Rouzer, an early supporter of Donald Trump in his campaign to be president, said Tuesday he believes the recently released Mueller Report exonerates President Donald Trump of claims he or his campaign colluded with the Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“The predicate for all this way, that there was collusion between the Trump Campaign, Trump himself and the Russian government to effect the election,” Rep. Rouzer said. “That’s what spawned the FISA request, where basically the federal government was essentially spying on the trump campaign. That was all based on the predicate of Russia collusion with the Trump Campaign. The Mueller Report essentially comes out and says ‘there’s no proof of that’. Perhaps there’s speculation, there’s hypothesis that ‘yeah, it happened, but we can find no evidence that there was any coordinated effort’.

Rep. Rouzer also said in his mind, the Mueller Report also exonerates President Trump of accusations that he obstructed justice regarding the special counsel’s investigation, although the conclusion of Volume II of the report states “Accordingly while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him”.

“I read that as a statement of opinion,” Rep. Rouzer says about the conclusion. “It’s not a statement of fact. If it was a statement of fact, they would have indicted him on something.”

Rep. Rouzer said he had read the report released Monday by the government overseers of Medicare and Social Security, which painted a rather bleak picture of the financial solvency of the two entitlement programs. The trustees said by 2035, Social Security would be insolvent with enough revenue to pay only three-quarters of a person’s benefits through the year 2093, and Medicare Part A won’t be able to cover all hospital and nursing home benefit costs for recipients starting in 2026.

“My first thought was, I’m glad the report is out there,” Rep. Rouzer said. “I hope it will stimulate a lot of discussion among the citizens of this country because if we don’t address the shortfalls of that are going to take place with this program long-term, if we don’t address them now, it’s going to be more difficult to address them with each passing day, each passing year. Fact of the matter is, you address the program, you make some minor modifications now, address the age eligibility for example. Other modifications you can make that do not affect any senior citizen today or any senior citizen that’s about to join the program. That would result in a very improved program for those 52 and younger.”

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