New Hanover student athletes ready to play two sports in college

New Hanover duel athletes

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - New Hanover High School’s Zykwan Mcquillan and Kameron Newkirk have always dreamed of playing football and lacrosse in college together and are slated to see that dream come true at St Andrews University in Laurinburg next fall.

“Zy and I always talked about balling for the same school,” said Kameron Newkirk. “We have an opportunity to play for the same school. And more than one sport so it all came together.”

“We always had that plan and had that as a goal since our freshman year,” added Zykwan Mcquillan. “But we had to figure out how to work towards it.”

Being a college athlete playing one sport is hard enough, but Newkirk and Mcquillan plan to play two.

“It’s going to be a big commitment and I am going to have to do extra,” said Mcquillan. “I am going to work hard in education and work in football and lacrosse.”

Neither is afraid of hard work and have proved themselves to coaches and teammates as leaders.

“They are the motivators,” said New Hanover assistant coach Charlie Archer. “They are the vocal guys, they are the physical guys. They are always the ones to get things going if we are moving a bit slow. And if we are moving extra fast it’s because of them.”

Though the sports are different, Newkirk believes many fundamentals learned playing football make him a better lacrosse player.

“The hard part is catching and throwing,” said Newkirk. “The rest is just like football, to be honest with you. You hit, use your hands and feet.”

Mcquillan says he believes that lacrosse is the rougher of the two sports.

“It’s a little more physical,” said Mcquillan.” To be hit by the stick or even run with the ball you have to have a good mindset.”

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