CFPUA welcomes newly introduced Gen X-related bill

CFPUA welcomes newly introduced Gen X-related bill

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - CFPUA is welcoming Senate Bill 518, a newly introduced piece of legislation that would set new standards for Gen X and other similar compounds in the state’s water supply.

"It’s a pretty ambitious, wide ranging bill” Vaughn Hagerty, the Public Information Officer for Cape Fear Public Utility said.

He expresses optimism about the potential effects of the bill and stresses that the CFPUA “welcomes any legislation efforts that will help protect the dark sources of drinking water.”

The bill would would require Chemours and other polluting companies to be named and held financially responsible for replacing the tainted water supply with a permanent replacement water source.

Additionally, the NC Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), would be required to form a task force to analyze and identify pollutants found in ground and surface waters, air, soil, dust, and food within the Lower Cape Fear River Basin.

Hagerty pointed to a recently approved resolution by the CFPUA to upgrade filters at the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant as an example of the various positive steps that the Cape Fear region is taking to handle Gen X and similar contaminants in 2019.

He explains that the upgrades are partially in response to the Gen X groundwater contamination that occurred at the Fayetteville Works plant. These filter upgrades, known as GAC filters or granular activated carbon filters are expected to begin construction this November with full operation to begin in 2022.

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