Rabbits don’t make the best Easter gift

Rabbits don’t make the best Easter gift

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Easter weekend is upon and before you buy that bunny for your little one, think again.

The Center for Pet Safety (CPS) says you should never give a pet as a gift. The New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue agrees.

“A lot of the rabbits that are purchased for Easter, end up being abandoned or neglected within months,” says Jennie Hoyt, the founder and president for the New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue.

The baby animals are cute, but they’re also fragile. They can get easily injured. They’re not exactly like puppies or kittens: they can’t cuddle or “play."

The Rabbit Rescue wants everyone to understand that rabbits are a full time commitment, like any other domestic animal.

“They do need constant attention,” says Hoyt. “They don’t need to be walked like a dog, but they’re more like a cat in that way. A lot of them [rabbits] are very independent and they come to you when they feel like it which is another reason why kids have a hard time connecting to a rabbit.”

As far as Easter baskets go, it’s probably best to stick with chocolate bunnies and Peeps Marshmallows.

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