Carolina Beach updates Emergency Operation Plan

Carolina Beach updates Emergency Operation Plan

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The Town of Carolina beach is updating its Emergency Operation Plan ahead of the 2019 hurricane season. The previous plan was written in 2016.

“The main focus of this new plan is to keep the citizens safe,” said Carolina Beach Mayor Joe Benson. “It’s not just focused on hurricanes, it’s every type of emergency.”

Fire Chief Allan Griffin presented the plan at a meeting Tuesday night, saying that disasters start local and end local - meaning the town needs to be ready for emergencies both before and after the event.

“We have to be prepared and more resilient for every weather disaster that comes our way,” said Steve Pfaff, the warning coordinator of the National Weather Service in Wilmington. “We can take from learning from a storm like Florence that can be in an area for days, plans have got to change.”

The National Weather Service and MOTSU also were at the meeting.

One of the things highlighted was the use of modern technology. Griffin says social media helps get messages across to citizens and helps first responders find people who need help.

The use of drone technology is new to the plan. Town leaders use drones to survey spots both before and after disasters and to help with rescues.

The final draft of the EOP and updates will be presented to council in May.

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