Kure Beach town leaders listen to residents’ concerns on storm water drainage

Kure Beach town leaders listen to residents’ concerns on storm water drainage

KURE BEACH, NC (WECT) - Residents who attended Monday’s town council meeting got a chance to voice their concerns about the ongoing issue of water drainage after storms.

The system in place can only take an inch and a half of storm water within a two-hour period. The town uses drains, ditches, retention ponds and swales to divert the water.

Denise Hubbard, a resident of Kure Beach, presented research to the council about locations in Kure Beach that are more prone to flooding.

Hubbard said during heavy showers and storms, these systems fail and overflow. One of the town’s main ditches to divert storm water is Hennikers Ditch, which is shared with Carolina Beach, meaning sometimes the two systems compete.

Hubbard suggests rain amounts are increasing and the storm water systems need to be upgraded.

In her research, Hubbard said the 100-year floodplain in Kure Beach is migrating from the ocean side to the Cape Fear River. With 100-year floods happening more frequently, she says insurance rates will rise.

Kure Beach leaders are aware that some spots are more prone to flooding than others. They continue to walk the ditches and other drainage sites to make sure they are operating properly. The town is in the process of updating and providing new drainage systems in low lying areas.

The southern end in the area of General Whiting Blvd. and President David Ave. are expected to get a new drainage system.

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