Embattled attorney R.C. Soles admits to mishandling trust funds

Embattled attorney R.C. Soles admits to mishandling trust funds

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A prominent Columbus County attorney accused of mishandling his clients’ trust accounts admitted that he fumbled the funds.

The North Carolina State Bar was granted a preliminary injunction against R.C. Soles after the organization claimed it received information indicating the Tabor City attorney allegedly mishandled funds.

Soles, a former North Carolina state senator, claimed during an interview Tuesday afternoon that there was a mixup with his personal account and money was withdrawn from clients’ accounts.

He alleges money was fraudulently being taken from his personal account, which he says the bank reimbursed. He claims there was confusion over account numbers and money was mistakenly withdrawn from clients’ trust funds.

He added that his clients didn’t lose any money.

“I guess that having the funds in and drawing them out from a trust account when you’re not supposed to mix funds could easily be called mishandling," Soles said. "But the word mishandling certainly does not go far enough to say that anybody has stolen money or anybody has lost anything or anything like that.”

The injunction granted against Soles bars him from, among other things, handling any entrusted funds on behalf of clients or serving as an attorney-in-fact, escrow agent, settlement agent, trustee, executor, personal representative or in any other fiduciary capacity until further notice.

Soles also is required to produce various client files needed for the State Bar’s planned audit.

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