Azalea Festival queen visits children at NHRMC’s women’s and children’s hospital

Azalea Festival queen visits children at NHRMC’s women’s and children’s hospital

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Some special patients were treated like royalty Thursday when Azalea Festival Queen Briana Venskus and her court stopped by the Betty H. Cameron Women and Children’s Hospital for a visit.

“We just went into the rooms and met with the children and the parents and got to spend a little time," Venskus said. "I’ve definitely spent my fair share of time in the hospital and I definitely know what it’s like to feel like you’re stuck there and that that outside world doesn’t exist for you. To be able to bring a little bit of that sunshine and that happiness into the room is really wonderful.”

The queen visited pediatric patients ranging in age from infancy to 6 years old.

The actress said during a weekend filled with events, this visit will be a highlight.

“Honestly, this is more my speed, if I’m being honest," Venskus said. "Living in (Los Angeles), you go to nice parties and dinners all the time but for me, I think being from Wilmington and being the kind of person I am, I like being on the ground, hands on, in with the actual people so to be able to be able to get in here, see the kids and talk, level the playing field between us and just sort of hang out and actually spend a little time being people and not patients is really awesome.”

The Azalea Belles and members of the queens court also visited.

Venskus brought smiles to patients and their families, but 6-year-old Mason, who spent the morning building Legos for the queen, stole her heart.

“Mason is just the cutest. He’s a little nugget," Venskus said. "He clearly was exhausted, which, I get it. All the kids kind of carry their own little specialty and it’s hard enough as an adult when you don’t feel well, let alone as a little person, so I can only imagine how much they were trying to push through not feeling well.”

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