Boiling Spring Lakes won’t see water in lakes until 2020

Updated: Apr. 3, 2019 at 6:12 AM EDT
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BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WECT) - Town leaders in Boiling Spring Lakes talked about updates on Hurricane Florence recovery Tuesday evening. One major problem the city has had since Florence has been fixing the five dams that breached during the storm. Town leaders said the dams won’t be repaired enough to have water in the lakes for another year or longer.

The largest dam, Sanford, is taking the longest to construct because it is state-owned and must involve the North Carolina Dam Safety Program. City manager Jeff Repp said Sanford dam will not be completed until winter 2020.

The two dams that hold North Lake and Pine Lake will be finished once the state completes construction on East Boiling Spring Road. Repp said these dams will hopefully be completed by mid-summer of 2020.

Middle Dam is a privately-owned dam which Repp believes will take a little longer to repair because it is private. Fortunately, Middle Dam will not impact the three other dams — North Lake, Pine Lake or Sanford — in their completion dates.

“The dams are taking a longer time because of the permitting that’s required. They’re 1960 dams that weren’t constructed to 2019 dam standards, so as a result we have to go through a more extensive engineering and have the plans reviewed by North Carolina Dam Safety before we can put them out for contract,” said Repp.

Repp also said they are working to build the dams to withstand a 50-year storm. The dams were built originally for a 30-year storm. Ultimately, the way these dams are built and designed are determined by the North Carolina Dam Safety Program.

The city is also starting to receive reimbursements from FEMA. Damages resulted in $20 million, with the dams costing $18 million in repairs.

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