The Side Hustle: Nurse capitalizes on elderberry craze, makes tinctures for immune boost

Updated: Mar. 28, 2019 at 1:06 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Elderberry products are growing in popularity, landing on shelves in pharmacies and natural food stores.

The natural remedy is believed to boost the immune system and ease cold and flu symptoms.

Allison Davis, a registered nurse from Bolivia, NC, believes in the power of the elderberry so much that she uses it to make tinctures, liquid extracts made from herbs, for her side hustle.

“It’s a passion,” Davis said. “It’s a side hustle that’s truly from the heart.”

Davis first made the tincture for family and friends as Christmas gifts.

“It’s most popular through the winter months," she said. "We who have studied elderberries and herbalism know that there are so many benefits to it. It’s considered in herbalism a febrifuge; it lowers fevers. It has great antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties. Most know it as an immune stimulant.”

The word spread and more people wanted her product. That’s when her side hustle, Timeless Tinctures, was born.

She built her own lab, following FDA Good Manufacturing Guidelines to make sure her product is safe and effective. She spent thousands to launch.

“Once I got into it there was a point where there was no turning back," she said. "I had to just keep plowing ahead. Even though this is my side hustle, I’m spending a lot more time in my side hustle than in my day job.”

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture inspected Timeless Tinctures and approved her to sell both of her elderberry formulas as dietary supplements in all 50 states.

“This I feel is my gift because of my unique background," she said. "I’m a registered nurse for 23 years, studied in herbalism for 7 years, been making bioidentical hormones for three years, so I am using all my gifts for my company, Timeless Tinctures.”

She launched in January and her products are already on the shelves in several stores throughout the region.

Allison Davis started Timeless Tinctures as her side hustle in January. Her elderberry products...
Allison Davis started Timeless Tinctures as her side hustle in January. Her elderberry products are on shelves across North and South Carolina. (Source: Timeless Tinctures)

Davis also has a vendor booth and will speak at the 27th Herb and Garden Fair at Poplar Grove Plantation, Saturday, March 30.

She has two formulas: Elderberry Tincture (contains alcohol) and Elderberry Glycerite (alcohol free).

She hopes her tinctures close the gap between modern medicine and ancient cures.

At age 56, Davis said it’s all coming together.

“It’s taken me this long to be brave enough to find what is truly my passion,” she said.

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