Warrant: Man deleted searches for escort services days before dumping wife’s body

Updated: Mar. 26, 2019 at 2:44 PM EDT
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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - The man accused of killing his wife deleted searches for escort services just days before he allegedly dumped her body in a shallow grave nearly 100 miles away from their Holden Beach home, search warrants obtained on Tuesday reveal.

Phillip Brock, 71, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of his wife, Judy Brock, 71, whose body was found wrapped in green cloth bound with duct tape in a wooded area of Sampson County on March 20.

Brock, himself, reported his wife missing five days earlier. According to the warrants, Brock told investigators he had last seen his wife in bed around 5:45 that morning.

“Brock explained to responding officers that he had went to Sampson County for work and tried to contact his wife about 0800 hours that morning but she did not respond,” a major with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office wrote in the probable case section of a warrant seeking permission to search the Brock’s Holden Beach home.

During the interview, Brock also said his wife was supposed to meet with a woman about a gala they were planning, but she did not show up. When he returned home that afternoon, Brock told investigators, he found his wife, her purse, Apple watch and rings missing, but no signs of forced entry.

Judy Brock’s phone, however, was still in the home, according to the warrant. An examination of her phone found that her last outgoing contact was a text to a member of her women’s club around 4:50 p.m. the day before she went missing. But several calls and texts the morning she went missing went unreturned.

Investigators noted in the warrant Brock gave several “inconsistent” statements regarding his whereabouts the day his wife was reported missing.

In Brock’s court appearance last week, officials revealed he fabricated the fact that Judy Brock had dementia – which triggered a statewide Silver Alert – in an effort to throw investigators off of his trail. He also disabled the GPS in his phone and unsuccessfully attempted to turn off the GPS in his 2018 Ford F-150.

Ultimately, investigators were able to trace Brock’s movements the day his wife went missing using forensics of GPS locations, cellular records and video surveillance from locations he stopped along his way to work, leading them to Wright Bridge Road in Sampson County – a location Brock reportedly said he had not been to in months.

“Investigators discovered a freshly disturbed area in the ground and tire tracks (on Wright Bridge Road),” the warrant states. “Investigators began to photo and process that area with shovels and discovered what appeared to be a shape consistent with a human body, wrapped in green in color cloth material, wrapped with silver/grey duct tape.”

Law enforcement presence at home of Judy and Philip Brock. (Source: WECT)
Law enforcement presence at home of Judy and Philip Brock. (Source: WECT)

No specific motive is provided in the documents. However, a warrant seeking information from Brock’s gmail account said deleted google searches, dated Feb. 26 and March 11, for escort services in nearby South Carolina were found on his phone.

Investigators also found other deleted calls and texts with no content before and including the day Judy Brock went missing, the warrant notes.

Investigators seized a laundry list of items during their investigation, including duct tape, several guns and ammunition, a shovel found in Phillip Brock’s truck, gloves, blankets and clothing. A swab of a red and brown stain on a pair of denim overalls is also listed in the evidence inventory.

Judy Brock’s cause of death has not been released. Phillip Brock remains in the Brunswick County Detention Center without bond.

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