First reports of sexual assault against Wilmington oral surgeon issued to police in 2017

Alleged victim uses cell phone to record procedure

First reports of sexual assault against Wilmington oral surgeon issued to police in 2017

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners released documents Tuesday that show a police report had been issued to the Wilmington Police Department in October 2017, accusing Dr. Michael Lee Hasson of sexual assault during a surgery.

Hasson was arrested Jan. 31, 2019, after several similar allegations were reported.

Hasson, of Wilmington Oral Surgery, is accused of sexually abusing several of his patients while under anesthesia between 2009 and 2018. The youngest victim is believed to be 12 years old. Soon after the charges were filed, the board ordered Hasson to immediately cease practicing dentistry.

The documents detail the allegations made against Hasson, claiming the surgeon inappropriately touched several patients while under anesthesia. One of the alleged victims was uncomfortable and recorded the procedure on her cell phone, while others went to the hospital to have rape kits administered.

The North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners will hold a hearing in April regarding the summary suspension of Hasson’s license.

According to documents, "the board may summarily suspend an occupational license if the agency determines that, 'the public health, safety, or welfare requires emergency action.'"

October 2017

A woman filed a police report in October 2017 and went to the hospital to have a SANE kit administered. She reported that at some point after being sedated to have her wisdom teeth removed, she felt the surgeon’s hand on her stomach and he asked if she was okay. When she responded yes, she claims he slid his hand into her pants.

She informed her mother of what happened after she woke up from surgery. Her mother filmed her reaction, noting her shirt was tucked in before the surgery and untucked on one side after surgery.

June 2018

In June of 2018, the mother of one of the women contacted police to file a report the surgeon groped her 21-year-old daughter during the procedure. The alleged victim says she went to get her wisdom teeth removed when a nurse covered her with a warm blanket.

The woman claims she felt his groin on her hand before losing consciousness. She recalls regaining momentary consciousness at some point during the procedure and felt a cold hand on her upper stomach which then slid into her underwear.

The 21-year-old couldn't speak after the surgery, but wrote the following as soon as she got into the car with her grandmother, "I'm trying to tell you about the surgeon. I don't know if he was suppose [sic] to touch me in certain areas made me uncomfortable."

July 2018

Another woman contacted police in July 2018 to report a sexual assault during her wisdom teeth removal surgery. She said the surgeon was “socially awkward,” so she planned to record everything on her cell phone.

Hasson is seen in the cell phone video removing the phone from her pocket, which was under a shirt and a blanket, according to documents.

The woman told her husband she suspected sexual assault and went to the hospital for a rape kit to be done.

Furthermore, the woman found it odd that Hasson reportedly called around 8:30 p.m., well after the office closed at 4 p.m., to see if she had eaten or drank anything after surgery.

In total, Hasson faces 17 criminal charges, including:

  • Felony indecent liberties with a child - 3 counts
  • Misdemeanor sexual battery - 10 counts
  • Felony statutory rape - 1 count
  • Felony second-degree forcible sex offense - 3 counts

Hasson remains in jail under a $1 million bond.

Prosecutors previously said the WPD received hundreds of phone calls since Hasson’s arrest on Jan. 31.

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