South Brunswick girls lacrosse building towards future

South Brunswick Lacrosse

SOUTHPORT, NC (WECT) - Losses have piled up for senior lacrosse player Abby French during her career at South Brunswick High School.

The Cougars have won two games in her first three seasons.

“It’s been difficult,” said French. “We haven’t won that many games at all in the four years that we have been a program. I have been here to see all of it.”

The players hope that changes soon under first-year coach Will Hutchinson.

“We have gained a bunch of strength and a bunch of stick skills,” said French. “I feel in a couple of years we’ll have a strong program.”

The Cougars’ future success will come from learning the fundamentals of the game.

“It’s vital to learn,” said Hutchinson, who graduated from South Brunswick. “You can’t put in an offense, you can’t put in a defense without the fundamentals. That is something that I have preached since day one.”

“He is making sure we understand what we are doing,” added junior Gwen Semmens. “We are not jumping from topic to topic. We are trying to make sure that everyone understands what we are doing.”

South Brunswick’s hard work paid off March 19 in the team’s first victory of the season, a 14-3 triumph at North Myrtle Beach (SC) High School.

“It was the coolest thing ever,” French said of the win. “To see these girls put their best effort forward, and scoring and passing and being a team was amazing.”

“It was something special,” added Hutchinson. “Being the head coach at your alma mater is something special, and seeing these girls succeed brings me all the joy in the world.”

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