Possible rezoning in Carolina Shores has residents ready to fight back

Rezoning meeting draws huge crowd in Carolina Shores

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A town hall meeting was held Wednesday in Carolina Shores to discuss rezoning of an area originally meant for commercial property.

The proposal suggests splitting the original property to encompass a housing development. The layout would have commercial property facing Hwy. 17 and a $12 million, 84-unit housing development behind it.

A question for the town board is, “how does it affect the residents of the town?” said Mark Brown, chairman of the planning board. "Because they’re the ones that have to live here.”

Around 100 people from the Carolina Shores community showed up at council chambers, which seats 68 people, to voice their opposition to the rezoning. Some were turned away at the door since the it would create a fire hazard to let in anymore people.

Because so many people were not able to speak, the council voted to reschedule the rezoning proposal.

Town members said they think the area should be put to better use.

“If the people cannot afford the housing and they’re getting help, they most likely need help with transportation and they need a job," said Susan David, a resident close to the area. "There are no jobs in this particular area and there’s no public transportation.”

There is no set date or time for the next meeting but there are plans to move to a bigger venue once everything is figured out.

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