Vandals shatter restaurant’s 50-year-old glass front

Vandals shatter restaurant’s 50-year-old glass front

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Dock Street Oyster Bar closed Tuesday after co-owner Steve Maillard was notified by the owner of Reel Cafe that someone had smashed the Dock Street Oyster Bar’s front two windows.

Maillard said the restaurant wasn’t open when the windows were broken around 11:30 Monday night, and it has since been closed.

“There’re no cameras on this end of downtown," Maillard said. “One of the things I’d like to see is, we think that downtown should be camera’d up in every little area so it will deter stuff like this."

Maillard’s employees have been out of their jobs for two days, not earning tips, while the restaurant is closed for repairs.

“People don’t realize when you do stuff like this, what the affects are," Maillard said. “People are really affected. A spur of the moment decision can cost 15 people their livelihood for a couple days.”

The windows are going to cost Maillard about $10,000 because the building has historic significance but the money isn’t the only problem.

“The building has been here since 1865," Maillard said. "One of the glass people that came out from Register’s said that the glass was at least 50 years old. Part of our problem right now is finding glass to put back in there.”

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