Wilmington looks to add to its historic brick supply

Wilmington looks to add to its historic brick supply
Two historic bricks from a company in the Midwest can be seen at the left while a newer ironspot brick can be seen at right.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Brick roads are one of the signature features of downtown Wilmington.

But with the number of bricks historic to Wilmington quickly dwindling, the city’s staff is looking to bulk up its brick supply.

“The supply we have access to of these historic bricks is running very low,” Public Services Director David Mayes told city council members after their agenda meeting Monday. “At the pace that we’re consuming them for our projects, we’re going to run out.”

At the direction of the council, Mayes and his staff found samples of possible alternative bricks that could be used.

Council members were shown a new ironspot brick, which would cost about $4 each.

Mayes also showed council members two examples of historic bricks that were harvested by a company in the Midwest from cities that didn’t want brick streets.

This historic brick option, which Mayes estimated would cost about $3 apiece delivered, appeared to be unanimously preferred by council members.

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