Bill could lead to Bolton town limits shrinking

Bill could lead to Bolton town limits shrinking

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A bill filed March 6 could shrink the size of a Columbus County town.

Sen. Danny Britt (R-Lumberton) filed Senate Bill 201, which would reverse a 2005 annexation of property into the Town of Bolton.

At issue for some Bolton residents are the property taxes they pay, and what little they say they get in return.

The 2005 move pulled Donna Bowen’s home on Hwy. 214 into Bolton town limits, and she said Wednesday she was against annexation when it happened then, and remains against it now.

“I feel like Bolton could be the best community. It shouldn’t even be a town," Bowen said Wednesday. "I feel like it should be the best community that you can be. If you can’t be a good town, why not be the best community and get together and treat everybody the same? You don’t treat certain people this way and people on the other end, oh, they don’t count.”

Bowen’s continues to fight against annexation because she said new residents did not get services even though they had to pay new taxes. She has started a petition supporting deannexation and wants other residents to join the cause.

Britt’s bill is in the Senate Rules Committee but is not on the agenda to be heard during Thursday morning’s meeting.

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