Man denied new hearing in death of Michael Jordan’s father

Attorney to appeal judge’s decision
Daniel Andre Green (Source: The N.C. Department of Public Safety)
Daniel Andre Green (Source: The N.C. Department of Public Safety)
Updated: Mar. 8, 2019 at 12:08 PM EST
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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The attorney representing the man convicted of murdering Michael Jordan’s father said she is appealing a ruling from a judge who denied an evidentiary hearing for Daniel Green.

Judge Winston Gilchrist denied the hearing, which could have led to a new trial for Green in the killing of Michael Jordan’s father more than 25 years ago.

"It is unfathomable to me that the judge has denied the very strong postconviction claims raised without even hearing from witnesses ranging from alibi, to experts, to trial defense counsel, to the trial judge who has sworn in an affidavit that the new evidence would have impacted his rulings at the time of the trial. Under the law, if there are questions of fact that may have impacted the outcome in the case, a hearing is required. It is our strong belief that the Constitutional due process violations on their face require a new trial, but at a minimum, a hearing should have been granted for a transparent and honest view of the evidence. We will appeal the decision to the highest levels and continue to fight for the full exposure of the corruption and injustice in this case. Mr. Green was not present when Mr. Jordan was murdered and has no direct knowledge of how it happened. He was convicted based on lies, from the witnesses and the State. It's time for justice for all to become more important to those of us who are free." - Chris Mumma, Daniel Green's attorney

Chris Mumma, Green’s attorney, detailed her case in a motion for reconsideration.

Green is identified as the triggerman in James Jordan’s 1993 death, though Mumma argues he didn’t pull the trigger.

Green went before a judge in December 2018 to plead for an evidentiary hearing, as Mumma says his constitutional rights were violated and his previous legal team failed him in his first trial, his post conviction and his appellate case.

He didn’t do it,” Mumma said after the hearing in December 2018. “He wasn’t there. He doesn’t know what happened. He is completely innocent of the charges he was convicted of. He has admitted and taken responsibility for the things he did do and if he served time for those things he would have been out 15 years ago.”

Green admits he helped his close friend, Larry Demery, cover up the killing. They drove around in Jordan’s red Lexus for days after the crime. The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department found it a wooded area two weeks after the killing.

Calls made from the car phone in the Lexus ultimately led authorities to Demery and Green.

Green has been in prison since March 12, 1996.

“I received a phone call Wednesday afternoon from one of the attorneys in the Attorney General’s Office that they received an email from Judge Gilchrist’s administrative assistant addressed to the parties that the judge was denying the defendant’s motion for an evidentiary hearing and that he was also denying and dismissing the motion for appropriate relief,” said Johnson Britt, the former District Attorney in Robeson County who prosecuted Green and Demery for the murder of James Jordan.

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