The Warrior Ride holds memorial tour for late founder

The Warrior Ride holds memorial tour for late founder

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The Warrior Ride is a non-profit organization that helps in the rehabilitation of wounded war veterans through adaptive bicycling. They do multiple tours throughout the country and the founder, Bob Racine, passed away early February.

Today they held a four-mile ride from their home base to Veterans Park in Oak Island. Veterans from Virginia, Maryland, Florida, along with other states made the trip to pay homage to the man that affected so many lives in a positive way. As part of the route, they passed Racine’s house in commemoration.

Racine felt that nobody should have to come home and feel alone. He wanted to provide an outlet for veterans outside of sitting on the couch and wondering in their own head. He would take individuals under his wing and help them recover when they most needed it.

“One of the greatest people I’ve ever met, truly," said Andrew McCaffrey, cyclist and friend of Racine, “If you knew anything about his background, what he did for the US Military, that’s the only thing I can say.”

At the peak of the ride was a ceremony in remembrance of the vet, who did tours with both the Marines and Army. Guests who showed up spoke about their fondest memories they had. Three shots were fired as a gun salute for his passing, as well as his picture mounted on a recumbent bike as symbolism for all he he has done.

The organization says that due to his death, the number of rides they do this year will decrease, however each one will be dedicated specifically to Bob Racine.

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