Hampstead incorporation discussions continue at public meeting

Hampstead incorporation discussions continue at public meeting

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Residents from Hampstead met Saturday at the American Legion Post 167 to discuss the future of the unincorporated area.

A 34-square-mile stretch of Pender County has grown from fewer than 5,000 residents 20 years ago to more than 15,000 people today.

Residents brought questions and concerns they had about the idea. But not everyone was in favor of making Hampstead an incorporated town.

John Stratton-Lobdell said he doesn’t like the idea of a creating more bureaucracy.

“I just don’t think we need another layer of bureaucracy or more costs, more government. I think Hampstead is doing just fine, and Pender County is doing just fine, frankly I’d like to see even less," Stratton-Lobdell said.

Paula Africa said after wanting to make improvements in the town, they are at a disadvantage.

“Having gone to county meetings who followed up on this found out that we are at a disadvantage being unincorporated with trying to make improvements, because the answer is always, ‘You’re unincorporated, can’t help you,’ and that’s not an answer that just tells you you have to look other places," Africa says.

The fight for creating Hampstead an incorporated city will continue with more meetings in the future.

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