Brunswick officials warn of Duke Energy disconnection scam

Brunswick officials warn of Duke Energy disconnection scam

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Officials with the Southport-Oak Island Area Chamber of Commerce are warning residents and businesses to be aware of scammers threatening to disconnect their power.

Chamber officials said a scammer recently contacted Strings & Beyond and Coastline Insurance claiming he was a tech with Duke Energy’s collections department.

The scammer told the businesses that power was scheduled to be disconnected at the property that day due to lack of payment and offered a toll-free number that could be called to arrange a payment.

“While this scammer falsely identified themselves with Duke Energy, they could have easily identified with any utility,” Chamber officials said in an email Friday. “The best practice is to hang up. If you think you are behind on a utility bill, still hang up.”

They recommend grabbing a bill to find a legitimate phone number for your utility and calling that number.

The Chamber reported the incidents to the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office which released this statement:

Hanging up is best practice. Avoid giving personal information and credit card information over the phone. If someone tells you to purchase a pre-paid card such as a green card or iTunes card in order to process payment, this should be a red flag. If someone thinks they have been scammed, they should contact Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office or their local police department to file a report.

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