Celebrate Valentine’s Day with true love stories of the Cape Fear

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with true love stories of the Cape Fear
Two local couples give advice on a long-lasting marriage.

BRUNSWICK/NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - The best advice for a long marriage comes from experience.

Millie & Anthony

Millie and Anthony's love story

Their marriage may have started out on the wrong foot. Carmela, also known as Millie, and Anthony Esposito got married in New York back in 1953. Over a hundred guests, authentic Italian food, and a cake... that someone dropped.

“I could have killed them,” says Millie.

But over 65 years later, it seems like nothing can tear their love a part.

“I picked nothing but the best... the rest... were dropped off the road,” says Anthony.

Now the couple calls Universal Healthcare in Bolivia their home. They are the only couple in the retirement home. Millie broke her hip a few years ago and Anthony has a little bit of dementia...

“My days... are good days,” says Anthony.

But they haven’t lost their spunk.

“He’s a good man," Millie tells WECT. “Good for nothing” says Anthony, while making the room burst in laughter.

They keep it real.

“While he does his thing, I do my thing. I don’t hold him back,” says Millie.

For Valentine's day, they decided to share their tips for a long-lasting marriage.

“He never bickers," says Millie. “Whatever I wanted, he would go for it. Maybe that’s why it’s lasted so long.”

And though circumstances are different these years, they have each other and that’s all that matters.

“You’re still here. Thank God," says Anthony "God still loves you. That’s the important thing.”

Millie and Anthony show that no matter what age, love can out-live us all.

Sarah & Percy

Sarah and Percy's love story

Percy and Sarah Glaspie have spent more of their life together, than they have apart. The couple have been together since 1947 in Wilmington. Their part favorite part of their marriage?

“Agreeing on things that involve our children," Sarah tells WECT.

Next month, the two will celebrate 72 years of marriage. Six children, 22 grandchildren, 33 great-grandchild, and if you can believe it, one great-great grandchild. They have lived a full life.

“We had a good life, we didn’t have all that much,” says Sarah.

But they can agree it was a good life and they do it with a sense of humor. This Valentine’s Day, the couple reflects on their time together. Like who is the true boss of the household.

“See that’s why I rule the family for these many years," says Sarah. "That’s why I spend the money!”

They’ve learned a lot the past seventy years; enough to pass along some advice to those just getting started. Percy’s motto can apply to anyone’s life, rather you’re with someone this Valentine’s Day or not.

“Always treat people nice," says Percy. "If you treat people nice, they’ll treat you nice.”

The last piece of advice the Glaspie’s want to pass on...

“Agree on the decision that you make on major things and stick to it,” says Sarah.

Obviously, it’s worked for them.

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