Valentines Day signs asking for help in Whitestocking community

Valentines Day signs asking for help in Whitestocking community

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Residents on Whitestocking Road are still hurting in the wake of hurricane Florence, but their struggles have not gone unnoticed.

Kure Beach resident Pamela O’Quinn made signs this past Christmas for the neighbors on Whitestocking road asking for FEMA trailers. Now that the holiday has changed, so have the signs.

The new sign states, “Roses are red, violets are blue, Whitestocking residents need you! In need of a trailer, or two plywood, sheetrock or your help in rebuilding will do, thanking you.”

Only a few residents still live on that road but this simple act of kindness has gone a long way. Whitestocking resident, Maraskeshi Brown, said she’s seen a lot of people helping out since those signs have been put out.

“It’s the cutest thing but it shows you how realistic it is but it puts a smile on your face like ‘I do need plywood, I do need someone to help me build my whole house over again’ but it just puts a smile on your face to know that someone would even go out of their way to bring a sign to let the whole entire community know what is needed," Brown said, “It makes the situation a little lighter."

While the signs are small they have made a big impact to theses residents.

The Christmas-themed sign asked for a trailer and Brown’s aunt received a trailer on Christmas Eve.

She said various other people around the community have been continuing to provide help anyway they can.

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