Eastwood Rd. safety, aesthetic improvements moving along

Eastwood Rd. safety, aesthetic improvements moving along

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Work to improve traffic and safety on Eastwood Road is evident with the construction of traffic lights at the intersection with Dungannon Boulevard, at the entrance of Autumn Hall.

Crews began work in Oct. 2018 to improve the look and function of Eastwood Road between Bretonshire Road and Cavalier Drive.

“What is happening now on Eastwood Road is a city-approved voter transportation bond project and it’s being coordinated with a lot of the private developments on there. Autumn Hall, it soon will be coordinated with Lidl," said Wilmington spokesman Dylan Lee.

The voter-approved project was passed in the 2014 Transportation Bond, and aims to increase safety and improve traffic flow by limiting left turns and easing traffic flow without widening the road.

There will be a new landscaped median between Bretonshire Road and Cavalier Drive when the project is complete this summer. Additionally, a new traffic signal at Autumn Hall Drive, intersection improvements at Rogersville Road, and a new roundabout on Rogersville Road, where it will connect with Autumn Hall, are also planned.

“One of the main safety things is to kind of eliminate that middle lane where people would try to make lefts going in both directions. So it’s limited left turns in this area and most definitely an aesthetic improvement with the mast arm, the black, powder coated poles that hold the traffic signals instead of them hanging on a wire,” Lee added.

He explained many parties are involved in the this and other phases of Military Cutoff/Eastwood development.

"For example, the city, for the approved project that’s happening now. Then you’ve got private companies contributing. Autumn Hall, they’re doing a lot of work. The Lidl is paying for some of the work and then you’ve got the North Carolina DOT that’s going to be doing the overpass and you’ve got the Centre Pointe Development coming in on the corner. The engineers and the project managers are all working together to coordinate this and I think that’s going to give the best possible product at the end of the day as far as coordinating the timing and the roll out of these projects.”

The traffic signals and new median should be finished in June or July. Then, work will begin on the next phase of the median that moves towards Town Centre Drive.

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