Drag Queen Story Hour stirs support, backlash in California community

VIDEO: Drag Queen Story Hour stirs support, backlash in California community

BRENTWOOD, CA (KGO/CNN) - A library in California hosted Drag Queen Story Hour.

But not everyone was happy with the idea.

There were some protests in the community who say it was inappropriate for children.

Bella Aldama also known as Christian Aguirre entertained a packed room of several hundred children and parents at the Brentwood Community Center.

“Some families have two moms and two dads, anyone have two moms or dads,” Aldama said to the room.

Drag Queen Story Hour is sponsored by Contra Costa County Libraries.

Bella said she loves to entertain and inform.

“I think kids should know there are different people out there, and be respectful to them,” Aldama said.

Outside the center there were protesters. They believe Bella has no business reading to children.

The group formed a prayer circle, while others held signs urging people to boycott the event.

"We think it's an agenda, tearing apart our communities," said Nancy Espinoza, a protester.

County officials said they got compliments and criticism on social media about Drag Queen Story Hour. It’s the third library appearance Bella has made. But it’s the first to be controversial.

"We have someone in costume reading books, there is no agenda," said Brooke Converse, of Contra Costa County Libraries.

But these parents said they have no problem supporting this drag queen.

“I’m here because I don’t think there’s any controversy, if someone doesn’t agree, don’t take your kids,” said Renee Serratos, a parent.

Aldama said she hopes read and perform at more libraries soon.

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