Officer Travis says goodbye to Wilmington

Officer Travis says goodbye to Wilmington
Pint-sized Officer Travis says goodbye to the city of Wilmington and the officers that patrol it.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Being in the line of duty is not an easy job, one 9-year-old boy sees it as a passion rather than a job.

Travis Allen has been going by Officer Travis since pre-school when he first learned about “stranger danger.”

“Wilmington PD came and they were talking all about stranger danger and all that and then they said ‘okay kids lets go out and see the patrol car’ and I was like the first one there and I said 'Hey, I’m Officer Travis.” said Allen, describing his first interaction with the local police department.

That was five years ago, now Officer Travis is not only a hit with the Wilmington Police Department, his viral reach has spread worldwide.

“We have Facebook for him and we also have Youtube. If you search Officer Travis, he has about 1600 followers worldwide currently right now.” explains Terry Allen, Travis’ father.

Terry even admits that he knew this would happen the day he called himself Officer Travis

“As soon as he got home he put on my old work belt on he grabbed toys around his belt and said alright dad I’m going to go patrol the yard.” said Allen

His uniform has grown a lot since the early days of his ‘patrol’ as Officer Travis.

“He’s been gifted about 250 police patches from across the world. He collects hat pins, that he puts on his hat in support for law enforcement, and challenge coins that were personally given to him by each and every officer,” his father said proudly.

Today was Travis’ farewell party, where he got to meet Jacko the police dog and get a tour of a WPD squad car that officers around her say could be his future car one day.

Officer Travis says he plans to continue his service by meeting all the law enforcement officers in his new home of Maine.

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