Trinity United Methodist Church hopes to make a comeback by Easter Weekend

Trinity United Methodist Church hopes to make a comeback by Easter Weekend

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - As the region recovers after Hurricane Florence, several places are getting back on their feet. Trinity United Methodist Church was kicked out of their main location near New Hanover High School days after the hurricane passed, which caused a lot of damage to the building but also left small miracles.

Church trustee chairman, Jeffery Whiting, believes it could have been much worse. He said the organ in the church’s sanctuary sustained no damage.

“A waterfall cascaded straight down our wall, the door swelled entirely shut and was not able to be opened until last week. You’ll see what’s behind it... the internal workings of our organ, and there was not a single bit of damage," Whiting said.

The sanctuary also came out clean with the only water sitting in the walls that protected the sanctuary. Whiting said another miracle happened when a massive oak tree that sat right beside the church fell, barely missing the building.

“The wind blew it down, and it landed between the church’s sign and the edge of the church and did virtually no damage," Whiting said.

The damage they did sustain was in their kitchen and education center. The roof also sustained damage.

“We had 32 inches of water and at least 18 inches in our fellowship hall," Whiting said.

Pastor Tara Lain said right now they are using their secondary location on South College Road for services, but they’re ready to get back in the main space.

She said their goal is to be back in their main church Easter Weekend.

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