Construction on new mixed-use development slated to start in early 2020

Construction on new mixed-use development slated to start in early 2020

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Construction crews are slated to begin work at the start of 2020 on new mixed-use development on Eastwood Road in Wilmington. The retail, hospitality, office and residential center will be located next to the Eastport neighborhood and the Cambridge Village Retirement Community.

The owner of Swain & Associates, the NC based development firm that acquired the 23-acres of land, said the $250 million development is located on the “best piece of undeveloped property in New Hanover County.”

“We named it CenterPoint because we believe it will be a new center of activity in our region and will exemplify the type of mixed-use development that the City of Wilmington is working to attract to our community – ones that feature the right mix of compatible uses, are compact, pedestrian and bike-friendly, accessible to transit, and well-connected to adjacent neighborhoods and roadways," said David Swain, owner of Swain & Associates.

Features of CenterPoint include the following:

• 23-acre site

• Flagship, 7-story, full-service hotel with 200 beds

• 300 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments located above retail space

• 50 to 60 retail shops and restaurants that combine national chains and local boutiques

• 100,000 square feet of first-class office space

• Two multi-level, structured parking decks

There will be six different points to go in and out of the development in an effort to disperse traffic.

“Access and interconnectivity are critically important to the success of any mixed-use development,” said Swain. “Our intent with CenterPoint is to create a walkable environment that is easily accessible by foot, bike, transit or car."

Part of CenterPoint's design includes a landscaped median to help alleviate traffic at the Military Cutoff and Eastwood roads intersection. NCDOT is scheduled to begin work on the Drysdale Drive Extension at the beginning of 2020 and finish by the first quarter of 2021.

“We plan to begin site work and construction of CenterPoint in 2020, but rest assured that we will not open any aspect of CenterPoint until the Drysdale Drive Extension is completed and fully operational,” Swain added.

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