Surf City sees post-hurricane resurgence in its future

Surf City sees post-hurricane resurgence in its future

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Hurricane Florence caused millions of dollars in damage to beach towns along the North Carolina coast, but many are bouncing back and Surf City wants people to know the beach is open for business.

Pender County government and business leaders gathered Tuesday for a post-Florence progress report. The storm dealt a significant blow to Pender County's economy, but a realtor in the area said signs point toward a resurgence.

"The percentage of rentals I have, the rental properties that have already pre-booked with at least a 50 percent deposit, at this point blows all of the numbers out of the water," Cathy Medlin said. "People are excited about coming back, and we're excited about them coming back."

Debris cleanup continues on Topsail and Surf City beaches, and Surf City offers online property maps showing where sand is being hauled and dumped. Residents should call the Town of Surf City office at 910-328-4131 for more information on purchasing sand for their property.

Pender County brought in $97 million from tourism in 2017.

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