NCSBE sets hearing for election fraud investigation

NCSBE sets hearing for election fraud investigation
Voters march in downtown Raleigh on Jan. 5 over the delays in the election fraud investigation.

RALEIGH, NC (WECT) - More than two months after originally putting the certification of North Carolina’s 9th congressional district race on hold, there is finally a date-certain for learning an outcome.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections announced Monday it will hold an evidentiary hearing into alleged election fraud in the 9th district on Monday, Feb. 18.

In a release the NCSBE said the hearing should conclude within two days as evidence and testimony are presented to the board, but the space has been reserved from Jan. 18 - 20, just in case.

The hearing comes after a tumultuous 66 days, during which the originally hearing was pushed back from mid-December to Jan. 11. When the state board in its nine-member iteration was dissolved on Dec. 28, that hearing was postponed.

New members of the NCSBE met by phone for the first time last week.

Attorneys for Republican Mark Harris, along with party leaders, have argued the state does not have sufficient evidence to prove fraud occurred in the race. They’ve also argued that even if there were unscrupulous activities, that not enough ballots would be affected to make a difference in the 905-vote margin.

NCSBE attorneys countered at a Jan. 22 hearing, saying that there is significant evidence bringing that margin into question.

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