Despite no evidence of building permits, Greene files documents saying he is building dream home on property

Despite no evidence of building permits, Greene files documents saying he is building dream home

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Attorneys for Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene have filed documents in response to former Sheriff Lewis Hatcher’s filings showing why Hatcher believes Greene should be removed from office.

The documents detail a timeline about Greene’s property in Cerro Gordo that he claims as his permanent residency, which is the residence Hatcher questions.

The documents also show more than 40 people in the Cerro Gordo area submitted affidavits claiming Greene lives on the property.

Columbus County Commissioner Ricky Bullard was one of the people who submitted an affidavit. His handwritten filing read “I have seen Jody Greene around Cerro Gordo on a regular basis and have known him to reside in Cerro Gordo since the fall of 2017.” He had not returned a call from WECT at the time this story was published.

In the timeline, Greene claimed he started building the foundation for his dream home on the Cerro Gordo property in 2012, but said a few things delayed the project.

Greene said he got married in 2013 and he and his wife bought a beach cottage in North Myrtle Beach that needed repairs. According to Greene, he put time into repairing the beach cottage.

He said he went back to building the home in Cerro Gordo in 2015, moving a camper onto the property, and staying there during the week. Hurricane Matthew delayed the project again in 2016, he said.

In late 2016, according to the documents, Greene decided to run for sheriff. He and his wife put an RV on the property in Cerro Gordo in November 2017 and used that as their primary residency. The camper was then used for his wife’s dogs, Greene said.

According to property tax records in Columbus County, Greene isn’t paying taxes for any structure associated with the property and there’s no power hookup or trash service. Notably missing from the files was any utility bills or building permits. According to the tax office, one has to have a permit to build on his or her property.

According to the tax office in the county, in order to build a foundation, a person needs a permit, and the county has not been able to provide any permits for the project on the Cerro Gordo property.

A trial date is set for Feb. 11 in Hatcher’s case against Greene.

WECT called Greene’s lawyer but had not heard back at the time this story was published.

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