Above All Roofing donates new roof to Wilmington couple in need

Roofing company donates new roof to couple in need - clipped version

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Dozens of local companies have been helping hurricane survivors get back on their feet. Above All Roofing donated their time by repairing a roof for Mortan Freeman and his wife Friday.

Owner Michael Boyinski said they do it for the reason they set out for: to help whomever they can. When filling out the paperwork for the roof, the couple realized they didn’t have insurance and was turned down by FEMA. Boyinski didn’t see this as a problem.

“They were actually turned down by FEMA as well, so we came together as a team and decided to donate the roof," Boyinski said.

It was a kind gesture Freeman didn’t see coming,

“Well, you see that I become very emotional because of the blessing that [the company] is doing for me," Freeman said.

Boyinski doesn’t see his job as a means to make money but a means to help his community. He said the reactions he gets when telling his clients he will give them a roof for free is priceless.

“It’s pretty great to be honest. They’re pretty surprised that somebody will do anything for free nowadays,” Boyinski explained.

When Freeman found out, he was a basket of emotions.

“It’s a blessing…..it’s not an easy thing to be in this situation but I’m grateful that my wife and I are here and that it’s getting done,” Freeman said.

All Above Roofers has donated roofs to not only the Freemans but a couple other families in need, too. Even a local church.

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