Cooper names new state board of elections

Cooper names new state board of elections

RALEIGH, NC (WECT) - A month after a court ruling dissolved the nine-member North Carolina State Board of Elections, the new version of the board finally has its members.

Governor Roy Cooper announced Thursday the five new members of the board: Stella Anderson of Boone, David Black of Concord, Jeff Carmon III of Durham, Bob Cordle of Charlotte and Ken Raymond of Winston-Salem.

Three of the board members are Democrats — Anderson, Carmon and Cordle — while Black and Raymond are Republicans.

Both parties struggled in recent weeks to provide Cooper with nominees, with two members of each party’s original list being declared ineligible due to electioneering in the last 18 months.

While there are no members from Southeastern North Carolina, one of the new board’s first items of business will be dealing with the ongoing investigation into alleged election fraud and absentee by mail ballot irregularities in Bladen and Robeson County.

The board will also have to consider the lingering election protests regarding the sheriff’s race in Columbus County.

“North Carolinians deserve fair and honest elections, and I am confident this board will work to protect our electoral process,” Cooper said in the press release Thursday morning.

The new makeup of the board was determined by a bill passed in late December. Despite a veto by Cooper, the measure established a new board of elections and altered how certain aspects of campaign finance violations and new elections operated. The bill would require a new primary election if the board calls for a new election based on fraud, as is possible in the 9th district.

The board held an emergency meeting by phone Thursday to elect officers. Codle was named chair and Anderson was named secretary, both by unanimous vote.

Codle said he would be emailing the members to find a time next week when the board could meet again in order to schedule a hearing in the election fraud investigation.

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