VIDEO: Cafeteria workers have impromptu dance party

RAW: Cafeteria workers have impromptu dance party (Source: Hannah Baffaro)

LUMBERTON, NC (WECT) - When that feeling hits you, sometimes you just need to bust a move!

The cafeteria workers at East Robeson Primary in Lumberton, NC did just that to make their workday a little more fun.

PE teacher Hannah Baffaro always plays music with her students in the gym, located beside the cafeteria. The cafeteria manager had a special request for Baffaro to listen to something old school while they mopped.

"These cafeteria workers work so hard but love music," Baffaro said. "It's so nice to see them shine, because they always work so hard!"

The impromptu dance party was just what they needed - some students even joined in on the excitement!

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