A safe alternative to rehoming your surrendered pet

A safe alternative to rehoming your surrendered pet

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - For some, owning a pet can get hectic and become too much to handle. In some situations owners will choose to surrender or rehome their pets. The New Hanover Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Unit wants to help these owners, and pets, with a safe alternative to rehome the animals.

It’s almost like a dating profile for your dog or cat if you choose to surrender it to the animal shelter. The NHCSO Animal Services Unit will ask you to schedule an appointment with a vet tech or a counselor at the shelter and will ask the likes and dislikes of the animal. They do this so that the officers know the personality of the animal. Animal shelters can change the personality of the dog or cat because it’s taken out of its comfort zone. That’s why they want to make sure they know the animal first so that they can help find the perfect fitting home for that animal. However, Deputy Nancy Ryan, the manager of the NHCSO Animal Shelter says other steps should be taken before surrendering your dog or cat to them.

“We are a shelter, not a rescue. So this should be your last resort. We can’t guarantee what happens to your pet after you surrender it. We do the best we can but this is a scary place,” Deputy Nancy Ryan.

Deputy Ryan also says that one of the most common reasons that people give up their pets is because owners don’t have the right information to care for that animal. For example, Deputy Ryan says “if you have a young puppy, and its tearing apart your living room, try using a kennel. People might think this is cruel, but you’d be surprised how many dogs get quickly acclimated to their kennel.”

The shelter has vet techs and counselors available all day to answer any questions you may have about the care and simple needs of your pet. If you are thinking of surrendering your pet or have questions on care, talk to one of these pet techs or counselors directly at: (910) 798-7576.

If you’re an owner and feel as though you’ve done everything you can, but certain circumstances have made it so you can’t care for the pet anymore, there is a safe website to visit to rehome your animal. rehome.adoptapet.com makes it easy for you to find a safe, loving home for your dog or cat. The process is simple. You post your pet on this site and put in the likes and dislikes. When someone searches and is interested in them you can schedule to meet the person to see if they get along with the dog or cat. Adopt A Pet has teamed up with Petco, which has offered its store as a safe space for you and your pet to meet the person interested in your pet. If you feel as though it is a good match, the new owner will pay an adoption fee over the website and the proceeds will be distributed to shelters in the area to help the next pet that will be available for adoption.

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