Man who helps countless hurricane survivors because of his “philosophy of generosity”

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Greg Pampell has a reputation for giving up his time to help others, especially in the aftermath Hurricane Florence. Pampell says he helped about 10 people prepare their homes for the hurricane but that number quickly rose. Since Florence, he’s mucked about 70 homes.

“People need help and I think if any of us have the ability to help in some way then we should offer that help," Pampell says.

Sunday was no different. Pampell and his small crew of volunteers showed up to an empty house on Whitestocking Road in Pender County to muck it out.

“We’re pulling nails and screws out of the wall and any other little stuff to kinda prepare this home to be rebuilt," Pampell says.

He’s been a light for hundreds of hurricane survivors, including Roger Hamrick. After the hurricane, Hamrick was surprised when Pampell knocked on his door with his crew of volunteers to help saw down trees.

“They came and helped get the process started. Clearing out trees from my side yard and the back yard,” Hamrick says.

For Pampell, he doesn’t know any other way of life. He spent a lot of his life as a pastor doing service work in South Africa and now working as a construction worker.

“It’s a part of my personality. I just really enjoy helping people," Pampell says.

He also uses his construction skills to help others too.

“He will do anything possible that he can do for you. If you don’t know how to do something, he’ll show you. He will help you. If you need a piece of equipment, he’ll provide it," Hamrick says.

Pampel says helping has always been his philosophy in life, “philosophy in generosity".

Experiencing a lot of devastation is hard enough, and cleaning up the remains of what Hurricane Florence left almost everyday can get the best of someone. Pampell tries his best to maintain a routine of self care by taking time for himself so he can continue doing what he loves.

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