Recovery effort continues with Florence summit

Recovery effort continues with Florence summit

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - An all-day summit for survivors of Hurricane Florence is just another way to help people recover.

A coalition of groups held a forum for survivors to encourage numerous ways of getting back on their feet.

The purpose was to allow people who were and weren’t affected by Florence to learn about the right ways to get help from FEMA and other organizations that might help in the community.

The summit also acted as a healing process for some of the people who were there by giving them the opportunity to tell their stories and how they have been affected by the damage of the hurricane.

Members from the audience and those who helped put on the summit spoke about the problems they’ve had and the help offered in not only New Hanover County, but surrounding counties as well.

Just Recovery gives help to anybody affected by the storm by offering free legal support, counseling and disability assistance for people in need.

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