Preventing the flu in a world full of germs

Preventing the flu in a world full of germs
Sponges are one of the most germ-filled objects you can touch.

(WECT) - Flu season is upon us and most people has one goal in mind over the next few months: do not get sick.

But what people may not know, some of the most common objects we touch on a daily basis can make us sick.

Andrew Illobre, a physicians assistant at Masonboro Family Medicine in Wilmington, says for starters everyone should get the flu shot.

“Make sure you’re doing good hand sanitizing or hand washing,” says Illobre. "Make sure when you go to the grocery store, grab the sanitizer and wipe the cart down. Any inanimate object that people have access to especially public things that you happen to touch, could be contaminated.”

Along with grocery carts, there are several other that you may want to wipe down before handling or wash-up after touching, including:

  • door knobs
  • sink handles
  • hand rails
  • gas pumps
  • ATM’s
  • bank pens
  • restaurant check books

There are also objects we touch in our own homes that have more germs than you may think. Dish towels, sink sponges, and your own cellphone carry a lot of germs that could give you a cold or even the flu.

Illbore says even if you get sick after getting a flu shot, the illness will be a lot more mild than if you hadn’t taken the precaution. He advises everyone get the shot, but especially young children and the elderly.

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