Bucket list dog with terminal cancer takes his final adventure

Owners make bucket list for dog with terminal cancer

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Jack stole the hearts of many when the 14-year-old Parson Russell Terrier’s owners created a bucket list for him during his last few months of life. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer in October and made his final journey over the rainbow bridge Sunday.

In his final hours, Jack got to take a ride to his happy place - the beach, complete with a hotdog and a snuggle in his daddy's sweatshirt.

Posted by Jack Miller on Sunday, January 20, 2019

Hundreds of people and their pets left loving words and thoughtful wishes as Jack said goodbye to the world.

"Thank you for sharing Jack’s journey. ❤️ it had been an inspiration and a reminder that there’s more to life than work. Thinking of him and his family this afternoon," read one comment on Facebook.

"Run free and strong, Jack. You are so loved. It's not goodbye, but see you later. 🐶🌈❤️😢," another commenter wrote.

Jack's family held his paws as doctors helped him make his final journey.

"All I need is family kisses, family hugs, ALL OF THEIR soft voices and them holding my paws..... THAT AND THAT ALONE IS MY HAPPY PLACE," Jack wrote on Facebook.

Several people in the community stepped up over the past several months to help Jack cross items off his bucket list of things his owners thought he might enjoy. Some of those things included a boat ride, a ride in a police car, a picnic at a park, and taking him to a petting zoo.

“The outreach and support from the community has been pretty overwhelming and humbling to say the least,” Jeremy Miller said in a previous report.

Jack's family plans to create a foundation in his memory to help other pups with terminal cancer accomplish at least one awesome day during their final times.

"I will post whatever I can in my final few days so you can see my light burned bright to the very end. I LOVE YOU ALL DEARLY..... and ask you not forget me or what WE ALL were able to accomplish TOGETHER. Life needs more of what we shared together...." Jack wrote.

Goodnight for the final time everyone...... I love you all. You've given me just as much as I ever gave back. Sweet Dreams......❤🐶🌈

Posted by Jack Miller on Saturday, January 19, 2019

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