Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter signs lease for new facility

Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter signs lease for new facility

OAK ISLAND, NC (WECT) - Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter officially signed a lease Sunday for its newer, larger facility leased by Duke Energy.

The shelter is a bird hospital that currently houses pelicans, hawks, owls and a turkey vulture. Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter president, Mary Ellen Rogers says they need a new facility for the safety and comfort of the birds. Their current facility is too small for the way the business functions.

Rogers says some of the birds are used for education and takes them to different schools so children can learn about different types of birds. However, she doesn’t like having to take them out of the sanctuary all the time because it’s not good for them.

“We keep growing and I’m not doing the best I can for the birds," said Rogers. “I’m trucking them around where they don’t need to be.”

"This property is not big enough for regular people to come in and looking around. It’s not a zoo, so we have to keep it very private so the birds are safer” Rodgers added.

This new facility will have a gym or auditorium type room, so she won’t have to take them out of the shelter anymore.

Rogers doesn’t know how much it will cost but does know it will be a lot. She’s hoping to have the facility built within two years.

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