Horse named ‘Rodeo’ rescued after getting stuck in dumpster

Horse rescued after becoming stuck

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA (KCAL/KCBS/CNN) – An unusual rescue happened Friday in Southern California.

Crews in Huntington Beach worked to rescue a horse trapped inside a trash dumpster at a stable.

Officials believe the 18-year-old horse named “Rodeo” somehow got loose from a corral and got on top of the receptacle.

Then the plastic lid under the 1,200-pound horse quickly collapsed, causing Rodeo to crash through it into the garbage bin.

He was stuck inside for over an hour.

Using a harness around his belly and a forklift, rescue crews managed to gently lift the horse out.

A sedative helped keep him calm during the rescue.

Rodeo suffered a few cuts on his legs, but otherwise he’s now doing fine.

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