East Boiling Spring Road opened Monday, but construction planned again in March

East Boiling Spring Road reopens Monday

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Well-traveled East Boiling Spring Road at Pine Lake reopened to regular traffic Monday afternoon.

Crews with Barnhill Construction, contracted by the state Department of Transportation, paved the road Saturday.

While the Pine Lake section of the road was completed Monday, another section of the road by North Lake will be shut down for construction on March 4, according to NCDOT estimates.

“The traffic doesn’t really impede me but once this road goes into construction again, it’s going to be bad for the people on the other side of the big lake" said Bruce Veronick, who lives off East Boiling Spring Road. "They’ll be taking a dirt road for a while again.”

“NCDOT will be putting in the contract that the road can only be closed for a maximum of 28 days without penalty,” according to an update posted on the BSL city website. “The remaining work time can be handled under normal lane closures with traffic control.”

Residents have expressed concern that detours through neighborhood roads are unsafe and not capable of handling the traffic.

“Supposedly the dam is going to take 15 months to rebuild after they engineer it," Veronick said. "Depending on how long it takes to engineer it, add another six to eight months, now you’re at 24 months. That’s two years. That’s why I keep my boat next door because I don’t really want to get rid of it yet. The lake will come back.”

Construction on the Crystal Road detour to widen by three feet with a stone base and re-striping the center lane will start Thursday.

“Work will also be done on the unpaved portion of Crystal Road to Drayton Road," city staff wrote. "The intersections of Drayton and Crystal and Drayton and Pine Road will also have stone bases installed to prevent those intersections from being significantly damaged after rain events while the road will be used as the primary detour when E. Boiling Spring Road is closed totally for construction.”

Construction for dam repairs in Boiling Spring Lakes is scheduled to take place June 2019-June 2020. The total cost of the four dams is estimated at $17.8 million

FEMA inspectors will be in town next week to begin the estimating for the dams, said BSL City Manager Jeff Repp.

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