Many show support at annual TreeFest seedling distribution

Many show support at annual TreeFest seedling distribution

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The support of the annual TreeFest seedling giveaway was the best the group has seen in five years.

“Looks like a good hurricane helps people get out and want to plant trees,” said Karl Busick, TreeFest committee member.

The N.C. Forest Service Nursery in Goldsboro provides tree seedling every year to TreeFest who then go to Independence Mall and distributes the trees to people who come for them.

TreeFest provides many species of both grass and trees, leaving customers to have their pick of the crop.

Busick stressed the importance of planting trees, especially to make up for the ones lost after Hurricane Florence. He pointed out some of the positive affects trees can have.

“The trees sort of buffer the wind. They buffer some of the storm winds that we have when they get a little bigger,” Busick said.

TreeFest does not only recommend getting trees from their event but they also say that the nursery in Goldsboro sells them year-round.

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