Pointe at Barclay begins new 82-acre phase

Pointe at Barclay begins new 82-acre phase

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The Pointe at Barclay is growing once again.

Now six years into its development, the mixed-use project is entering a new phase at the back of the property. Eighty-two acres between the Midtown Park office complex and Food Lion at the corner of Independence Boulevard and Carolina Beach Road will be subdivided into eight individual lots.

On Wednesday, developers were given approval by the Wilmington Subdivision Review Board to subdivide the lots and extend water and sewer utilities into the new phase.

Land will be divided into eight lots that range in size from 1.5 to 52 acres. Lots are zoned regional business, office and institutional and multi-family, meaning any number of businesses could ultimately occupy the space.

New roadways complete with sidewalks on both sides will be added to access the lots, and will connect to the traffic circles already in place.

Developers did not elaborate at the SRB meeting about the future tenants of the site. The Pointe lacks the retail aspect developers proposed in 2013 when the project began, but site plans only show dimensions of new lots and a basic stormwater infrastructure schematic.

SRB members had little to say during the meeting other than confirming with city staff that plans do not require any variances or special permissions. The only conditions attached to the board’s approval were standard, though they recommended developers have a good idea of the stormwater plans before going before the technical review committee.

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